The Gateways Game Changer - 2013

When it comes to game changers, few restaurants come to mind faster than those that are part of the Prime Grill Portfolio, and your $10 a month entitles you to a monthly chance to find out why.

Until Prime Grill opened its doors, the term "aged" was used to describe kosher diners waiting for their steaks as opposed to the steaks themselves. More than just setting the standard, Prime Grill has become the Game Changer of Kosher Dining which is why we would like to apologize in advance for the fact the your $10 a month provides you with "just" four chances a month to win a dinner for two. Hopefully the fact that you will also be saving $10 a month 3 times a month will help.

Rabbi Chaim and Esther Trenk enjoy dinner with their daughter Shevy at the Prime Grill in New York City.
They were the most recent winners of Gateways weekly drawing which entitled them to a $150.00 gift certificate.

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